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Our Services

TLC Cleaning Services Inc. provides commercial janitorial service to a broad range of industries in 20 states. Since our company was founded in 1994, we have focused and specialized in providing professional cleaning services to the hospitality industry, including hotel and kitchen cleaning for restaurants and resorts. Through the years, our business has expanded to include corporate office cleaning and other commercial cleaning, maintenance and janitorial services. We continue to specialize in the hospitality industry, serving the needs of luxury hotels and fine restaurants around the country.

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Commercial Janitorial Services

We are experts at creating a clean, sanitary environment for your hotel, restaurant, office building or other facility. Our corporate office cleaning and staffing services increases the comfort of employees and guests and provides the first impression you want to make on the guests, clients or general public entering your facility.

Our commercial cleaning services are completely customized to the needs of the individual client. Your customized maintenance plan can include window washing, floor care, power washing, commercial cleaning service, hotel cleaning, maintenance contracts and more. Browse our website to learn more about the services we can provide to your hotel, mall, church or office building.